Images of Beautiful Place of Nepal

The Famous place "Devis Fall" which lies in Pokhara.This is the place where the river flows deep down to the rocks and made artistic sceneary through out the place .It lies about a Kilometer from the Pokhara.

The view of Trishuli River. The wonderful river looks like sttill unmoving water but actually flows in high current.

The famous and historical village 'Gorkhar'. It is the birth Place of King Prithvi Narayan Shah before 1800 B.C . It is a historical place surrounded by beautiful high hills. It lies in height of 720 m.

The overall view of Pokhara Valley.This Picture was taken from the famous place Machhapuchhhre View Point, which lies 10 km far to the hills from Pokhara to the way to Syanjha district. It is one of the best place to view the Beautiful scenary Of Pokhara and the view of Mt Machhapuchhrea.



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this are the really good information.

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Nepal is a really beautiful country full of natural beauty.

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this is really good post. keep it up.

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anit said...

There was some words are missing . it was saying that ,, this photograph was taken from the famous place called Machhapuchre View Point..

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just wow keep post this is really nice

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